SD & ESIA Consultant

Sustainable Development


Environmentally     : Non-degrading

Economically          :  Efficient

Socially                     : Acceptable


We started our services with these fundamental principles towards Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development decades ago.


We are now applying the same principles into a wide range of disciplines and sectors including Water/Wastewater, Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas.


Our services include:

  • Project preparation and appraisal,

  • Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA),

  • Participatory planning and stakeholder engagement

  • Policy analysis and modelling

We have reliable experiences in addressing the social and health issues through the ESHIA process. We are capable of building up the fit for purpose teams of experts and technicians to mange scoping and baseline studies, stakeholder engagement, preparation of the ESHIA reports and conducting public hearings throughout the ESHIA.


Our activities comply with Equator Principles and IFC performance Standards. 


For more information please send us an e-mail: info@sarud.co.uk